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Master Degree in Management


Concentration area and Research lines

The concentration area and Research Lines are described below.

Concentration area

The Master Degree has as concentration area Organizations Performance and Innovation that express the Program’s calling and the History and indicates the knowledge area, the contours of specialty in knowledge production and students’ training.

This concentration area focuses, under organization performance and innovation, the management study as analytics, systemic and evolutional process, from consecrated organizational theories contemporary management methods and techniques. It involves the organization performance evaluation and innovation dynamics in their manifestations on technology, organizations, marketing, sustainability and social area.

Adopting a critical and interdisciplinary vision, PPGA of Unisul defines its concentration area with no filiation to a particular interpretation model of innovative organization or performance measurements. There is the understanding on these research aims require a complex and diversified activity with several components interacting and creating a large space for matter to investigate, but within defined lines.

Research lines

In strictu sensu, research lines express the specificity of program/course knowledge production within its concentration area. The permanent professors and researchers of the Program sustain them.

The Master in Management offers two main research lines:

Organizational performance 

This research line investigates organizational performance by applying and improvement of evaluation metrics and measurement, normalized or not, compulsory or voluntary, which study the phenomena and variations on organization trajectory.

It contemplates evaluation and analysis, the episteme and diverse methodologies applied in organizational contexts, which evidence fundamental results in evaluation processes involving themes as: decision making, competitiveness, operational and financial performance, included tangible and intangible actives, as information and explicit or tacit organization knowledge.

Innovation and society

This line comprehends investigations on epistemological, theoretical and empiric nature under factors and economic and social practices that represents different manifestation in management innovation and its diffusion process in the society.
This interdisciplinary perspective allows dialogy and interactivity in organization and society dimension with emphasis on innovation fields and their unfold on technological, organizational, marketing, sustainability, organizational culture, governance and social innovation areas. These are themes approached by the professors’ research projects and by the subjects, all of them with effective participation of professor of PPGA/Unisul