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Master Degree in Management


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The Master Course contributes to improve the teaching and the entrepreneur activity

The master Degree course (stricto sensu) is part of the Graduation Program in Management (PPGA in its Portuguese acronym) of Unisul. It trains researcher professors addressed to the education actions to train new entrepreneur and innovative managers who act in knowledge production in Management area through researches that contribute to the improvement on the entrepreneur universe and public area.

The program prioritizes proficiency in performance and innovation under organization performance evaluation focused excellence in teaching, research and professional activity.

The course intends to improve the potential for comprehension of students on the complexity inherent to changing contexts that are characteristics nowadays, as well as develop the capacity to formulate and develop strategies in order to enable organizations achieve better performances in their actuation areas

  • Modality
  • Duration24 months
  • Investment30 x R$ 1.371,60

Target audience

Candidates from all the knowledge areas with under graduation diploma recognized in Brazil can participate in the selection processes for Master Degree in Management. 

Alumni profile

Alumni profile graduated by the PPGA/Unisul are linked to the actions in concentration area and research lines, to the training of a set of competences articulated among the knowledge, thinking and acting in evaluation performance and innovation themes.

He/she is highlighted by a combination of competences addressed to the scientific research and management practices. In this perspective, the Program is detached by offering emphasis on subjects of research methodologies and methods and research tools.

Graduated, the Master in Management is able to act in teaching and research, further to develop the following activities:

  • Defining, implement and evaluate organizational strategies;
  • Identifying, propose, select and implement competitive strategies;
  • Formulate and implement strategies in order to promote a sustainable differentiation based on innovation before the changes from the modernity;
  • Monitoring results obtained by organizations by tools and methods for performance evaluation;
  • Researching and coordinate activities and programs addressed to creative and entrepreneur improvement;
  • Improve the knowledge to exercise the teaching and the management.

All these competences imply in conceptual mastering. In parallel, alumni also demonstrate skills in research, as the ability to analyze contexts and knowledge search appreciation, further the abilities required for teaching. As example, relationship and planning skills, and to measure the appropriation of knowledge.




The course minimum duration is 18 and maximum 24 months, and the deadline might be extended by six months maximum, under the Collegiate approbation. Selection process for new students is twice a year and generally in the beginning of semester.

Dissertation defense

Portuguese only.


Course fees

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